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Martin Logan Sequel II Floorstanding Speakers user reviews.

The original Sequel was introduced in late 1987, and featured a tall, narrow electrostatic diaphragm crossing over to a reflex-loaded moving-coil woofer at 125Hz. Lewis Lipnick reviewed it in our December 1988 issue Vol.11 No.12. Martin-Logan Sequel 2 Glorious in the 250HZ and up crossover-less frequency range. Fatal mid-bass deficiencies. Too resonant bass bin with awful 170HZ cabinet resonance in my samples. Livable only with bi-amping, and.

The Martin Logan Sequel II was my first ESL type design to use. I picked up my Sequel II's used and immediately had them upgraded with the newer SL3 transducer panels. After swapping out my old speakers and putting on 1. Martin Logan Sequel II Floorstanding Speakers user reviews: 4.1 out of 5 - 17 reviews 2018/05/20 · Soundstream BXA1-10000D Bass Extreme Amp Dyno Test and Bass Rockers BR2000.1D [4K] - Duration: 12:48. Williston Audio Labs 92,848 views. Sequel II Pure Sound to Grow With You Beyond our vigilant attention to aesthetic design. Beyond our unswerving commitment to technology that fills your home with harmonic purity, lies the concept of limitlesss horizons. Now you.

最初のノートから最後のノートまで、Sequelは驚くべき真実でオリジナルの音楽経験を生きます。 品質があなたが購入するすべてのものにおいてあなたが要求するものであるならば、MartinLogan Sequelラウドスピーカーはあなたを喜ばせるように明示的に設計されそして造られました。 8年に及ぶ研究. The Sequel II has been my primary loudspeaker since the mid-1990s and even though I also own B&W 801s, NHT 3.3s, and have owned numerous models of Acoustat, Celestion, Magnepan and others, when I. 2011/04/15 · Martin Logan Sequel II Panel Replacement needed? I just bought a pair of Sequel IIs from the original and well, there is an issue. Both panels are putting out next to no output in comparison to the woofer. In order to get a decent.

hallo zusammen könnte hier in der umgebung ein paar martin logan sequel 2 kaufen. die teiler sind knapp 10 jahre alt und noch mit den original-folien. wieviel sind die teiler etwa wert? dann hätte ich nur noch 1 problem: könnte ich die. From the first note to the last, the Sequel lives the original musical experience with astonishing truth. If quality is something you demand in everything you buy, the MartinLogan Sequel. SEQUEL IIでは楽音の殆どを占める領域をエレクトロスタティック型が対応させ、ファンダメンタル領域のみをダイナミック型が対応する方式を採用しています。これにより振動膜をスリムにし、電極と振動膜のギャップを狭くすることで高能率化を. Fig.2 MartinLogan Sequel II, impulse response on tweeter axis at 50" 5ms time window, 50kHz bandwidth. Repeating the impulse measurement on the same axis, but this time with the microphone some 5' away and over 10ms, and calculating the Discrete Fourier Transform with the data windowed with a Hamming Function, gave the result shown in fig.3.

MartinLogan Sequel II.

First impressions, gained with the CAL Tempest/Mod Squad Line Drive/Krell KSA-50 combination, were mixed. Imaging was stunningly precise, the speakers throwing a deep, if narrower than usual, soundstage. The mids and highs were clean but without the exaggerated feeling I had experienced with the original CLS. There was a threadbare quality to the lower midrange, however, that was quite. 2011/06/23 · わふーCREEK OBH-22所有者なかたさんのレビューです。 EMF AudioCreek Sequel2 プリメインアンプ レビュ~その2へ続く ピュアオーディオランキング←箱ピュアブログを応援クリックする. Sam Tellig wrote about the Sequel II in September 1989 Vol.12 No.9: Act I, Scene One "Finished version, I promise." Gayle Sanders was reassuring the press about the $35k Statement at last summer's CES. MartinLogan seems to. Sequel Listen Carefully If quality is something you demand in everything you buy, the MartinLogan Sequel loudspeaker was designed and built expressly to delight you. Eight years of research and development went into finding the.

Page 2 Page 3 Specifications JA's System Measurements Sam Tellig Dick Olsher Log in or register to post comments Related Latest Galleries Recommended Magico M2 loudspeaker Vivid Kaya 45 loudspeaker Wilson Audio. まずはUSのMartin Loganにメールで直接問い合わせてみるのが一番良いですよ。それでダメならgoogle USなどで扱ってるショップに手当たり次第に問い合わせる。それでダメなら費用はかかりますが、アメリカからの転送サービスを利用すると可能です。. Manufacturer of electrostatic and hybrid speakers for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. Truth in Sound is the guiding philosophy of MartinLogan. Our mission is to use this unique and astonishing technology to render the.

Heim / Notuð Hljómtæki / Martin Logan Sequel 2 Hátalarar Tilboð 80.000 kr.! Martin Logan Sequel 2 Hátalarar 275.000 kr. 195.000 kr. Martin Logan Sequel 2 Hátalarar. Áhugasamir hafið samband, Ekki til á lager. 2003/11/07 · Read Tubes4ever's review of the Martin Logan Sequel II Stereo Speakers, 3 of 4 Martin Logan Sequel II reviews, & compare with other Speakers at Review Centre Martin Logan Sequel II Review Click here if this is your business 3.6. 2007/11/15 · I have a chance to buy a set of Martin Logan Sequel II's. Electrostatic hybrids. 10 inch woofers. Pair for $850.00 nearby. Do these work well with 25 watts of tube power? More like about 100 watts of tube power or 2-400 watts of solid. Encore merci à kabil69 d'avoir fait l'ajout de la réduction de prix dans le titre de l'annonce comme je l'avais demandé. C'est plus incitatif comme Bonsoir Xullux, Suite à vos questions: Je confirme que j'utilise depuis toujours un ampli à.

Martin Logan Sequel 2, Lautsprecher - HIFI-FORUM.

2019/11/22 · I have Sequel IIs when working properly they are fantastic speakers truly a bargain if you can find a good used pair. You should call Jim power at Martin Logan customer service he'll tell what you what you may need to get them. 2016/09/07 · This is a video of Martin Logan Sequel ll speakers. Les MARTIN LOGAN CLS I, CLS II et CLZ I et II qui sont de purs panneaux électrostatiques full range à la manière des QUAD ESL 63 sans adjonction d'un HP de grave. Superbe son, à ceci près qu'elles peuvent, pour certains. CLSの改良型にあたる静電型スピーカーシステム。 CLSにはエレクトロスタティック型を採用しています。 エレクトロスタティック型は超軽量な振動膜が静電応力によって振幅する構造となっており、分割振動が無く、低歪、平坦な位相、高速応答を実現しています。.

2011/06/20 · Take a journey back in time as MartinLogan employees reflect on the heritage of electrostatic speakers. Get a glimpse of MartinLogan's humble.

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