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Thieves guild extra jobs - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: SO WHO DID REALLY DO ALL OF THE 125 EXTRA JOBS FOR THE THIEVES GUILD HE HE JUST CURIOUS. I didn't even know there was a set amount, I thought.

2012/10/07 · Hi, I,m playing skyrim on PC, And I have a problem with the thieves guild quest I did alot of the extra jobs but it's didn't end NEVER! When i restart the game and go to delvin he says i've completed all the special jobs Like And I.</plaintext></p> <p>Jobs Of Skyrim Se 8/5/2019 The Thieves Guild is an organization of professional thieves based in Skyrim that provides mutual support for the illegal endeavors of its members and their clients. Question for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim In the thieves guild how many extra jobs do you have to do to return the thieves guild to it's former glory? I know you have to do 5 for 4 cities but I've done them all and I still havnt done it. What. The additional jobs get repetitive fast imho. Also, it feels like they were added more or less as an after thought. To add some thievery to advancement in the thieves guild, because the thieves guild quest-line itself isn't much.</p> <p>2012/01/18 · On Skyrim i must have done like 25 extra jobs with the thieves guild and i still don't have the achievement.? Achievement is called 'One with the shadows' and it is for returning the thieves guild to its former glory. P.S i have already. Console Command to skip the 125 side jobs for Thieves Quest? I think i've done about 88 or so and am sick of them lol. I tried the console command, TGRMasterTotal to 125" and it said "Not found". < > Showing 1-6 of 6 Sep 4. 2011/12/05 · It's a good idea to start doing it early, because whilst completing quests for other guilds or people, you'll enter cities in which the Thieve's Guild's side-missions take place in. Grabbing two.</p> <p>As above. I'm looking for console commands to skip the thieves guild jobs before the special assignments as I hate "grinding". The special assignments however I enjoy. I don't usually use console commands except when rezzing followers not flagged essential but I am very much interested in skipping the pre-req burglary etc etc quests. I'm also interested if using console commands to initiate. The extra jobs for vex and delvin that restore the guild, those lead to 4 special quests, one for markath, windhelm, solitude and whiterun. When you complete those you are given a new special quest where they initate you as the guild. Why the hell did they include the "Special Jobs" into the thieves guild quests? In my opinion, they don't even reach the quality of stupid mmo grinding quests. They are a disgrace to every quest ever created in videogame history. Talk.</p> <p>After joining the Thieves Guild, he will tell you that he handles all the fishin', numbers, and bedlam jobs - " the ones with the more personal touch." If you ask him how extra jobs will help the Guild, he will reply with: "Years ago, the Guild used to have a foothold in every major city in Skyrim. This is somewhat related to this question: How can I find out which special thieves guild quests I have completed?, but I'm not yet that far and still doing the extra job quests for Vex and the other guy Delvin. 2012/04/11 · Welcome to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! In this part I do some grunt work for the guild to get our name out there again and bring in some coin at. Page 1 of 2 - Thieves Guild Small Jobs - No dice - posted in Skyrim Spoilers: So as the topic states, I cant get access to the thieves guild small jobs. I have completed the main storyline but everytie i come around anyone but the. 2013/12/20 · I am having the same problem. Ive done the other 3 special jobs but I cant get any from Solitude. The other thing of interest is a lot of times they will give me.</p> <p>So I'm currently doing the thieves guild quests and some of the side missions as well. However, do i need to actually complete the story line before restoration of the guild can begin. I haven't had any "special" missions yet but if i'm. 2011/12/15 · so i'm trying to get the achievement to return it to its former glory, well I thought I was almost done doing these ty little side missions for Vex and Delvin. well you have to keep doing. 2012/01/26 · Also, I already have the Nightingale armor from doing the main storyline. I just want to know how many side-quests for Delvin, Vex, etc I need to do to get the Thieves Guild Guildmaster armor. 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